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extreme makeover home edition

The trend in recent years for everything to be bigger, more opulent and prettier has grown enormously - but normally the ability to live in a large, luxurious suburban house is confined to extremely moneyed professionals. Single parent families and those who have suffered setbacks and tragedies are not normally those living in the best houses around the country. But for some lucky people under extraordinary circumstances, all their financial worries and responsibilities have been solved.

The show responsible is an offshoot of the oft-lambasted and lampooned Extreme Makeover. Now the producers have gone one step further, and decided to choose those who were financially unlucky as opposed to aesthetically. And so, they created Home Home Makeover.

In this show, an extremely loud and flamboyant set of builders, interior designers and fashion gurus descend upon the home of some extremely deserving family (the family are normally selected by people voting for deserving families on the networks website) and completely destroy it via an assortment of creative methods, including bulldozers, tanks and dropping trees on them. They then proceed to rebuild the entire house from the ground up and fit it out entirely with fixtures, fittings and themed rooms for each of the individuals in no more than seven days.

The families involved are often accommodated in a luxury hotel for the seven days required to build and entirely refit the new house, with many hundreds of local volunteers and celebrities then arriving to help out once the family have left. A local home builder is normally used, as well as various celebrities and sports teams eager to earn endorsements and to be seen helping the cause.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is helped in no small part by the presence of Ty Pennington, one of the chief designers who is noted for his trademark bullhorn and extremely boisterous and enthusiastic manner. In every show he takes on a single project, for which none of the other crew or television staff are allowed to see until the project has been entirely completed. In the past, the show has helped out deserving families from all walks of life, including those who have lost parents to diseases or foreign wars, as well as those who have selflessly devoted themselves to raising adopted children with disabilities.

The families often become minor celebrities themselves after the filming has finished, with some hotels now offering the opportunity to stay where the families stayed. The show continues to go from strength to strength - and though frequently spoofed and mocked, continues to provide new homes for those that clearly deserve it.

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